Haryana Guest Teacher Salary, Increase letter, Honorarium 2023-2024

Latest information of Haryana guest teacher salary increases 2022-2023, Guest Teacher salary letter in Haryana on 01 January 2023- Contractual Teacher Salary Increase letter 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. All the details of Guest teacher Haryana salary provided below. Read the full article for full details related to Haryana guest teacher salary

There are working 14-15 thousand guest teachers in the Government schools of Haryana state. Guest teachers were appointed by the former Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda in 2005-06

There are three types of Guest teachers working in schools

  • PRT /JBT Teacher– For classes 1st to 5th.
  • TGT– for classes 6 to 8.
  • PGT – For classes 9 to 12.

Haryana Guest Teacher’s honorarium is being increased by the Haryana government from time to time. Many letters regarding Guest Teacher Salary Increase have been issued by finance department and Education department of Haryana. Present BJP Government has passed Haryana Guest Teacher service bill act 2019 to secure their service at the age of 58 years. Information of Guest Teacher Haryana Salary is provided below. You must verify the details from the official website before applying the information.

Guest Teacher Haryana Latest Salary Details

You can check latest salary details of guest teachers of Haryana state below.

Guest Teacher Salary as on 01/01/2023

Post NameSalary as on 01/07/2021 

11% Inc.

Salary as on 01/07/2021

3% Inc

Salary as on 01/01/2022 

3% Inc

Salary as on 01/07/2022

4% Inc

Salary as on 01/01/2023

4% Inc




Haryana Guest Teacher Salary Increase letter

If you are searching for Guest Teacher Haryana Salary Increase letter, then you are on right place. In this article you can get information regarding various letters of Guest Teacher Salary Increase and latest news of Haryana Guest Teacher Salary. You can also download Haryana Guest Teacher service bill 2019 in PDF link given below for this.


Salary as on 01/07/2021 11% Inc

guest salary letter

Guest Teacher Salary letter July 2021

Guest Teacher Salary as on 01/07/2021

Post NameSalary before 01/07/2021Salary as on 01/07/2021 after 11% Inc.

Guest Teacher Salary letter July 2019

Guest Teacher Salary as on 01/07/2019 after 5% Increase


Post NameSalary before 01/07/2019Salary as on 01/07/2019 after 5% Inc.

Guest Teacher Salary letter 2019

Guest Teacher Salary as on 01/01/2019 after 3% Increase


Post NameSalary as 01/01/2019Salary as on  01/01/2019 after 3% Inc.


Guest Teacher Salary letter Jan 2019

Guest Teacher Salary as on 01/01/2019


Post NameSalary Before 01/01/2019Salary as on 01/01/2019


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