iPhone IOS 18 update and generative AI – Apple is working on AI Features Check Details

Apple iPhone iOS 18 update and generative AI: – As the technology industry witnesses an AI revolution, Apple fans were a bit disappointed by the company’s delayed launch of artificial intelligence products. Apple’s competitors, such as Samsung and Google, have already introduced a number of new AI features with their own language models. But the wait may soon be over, as Apple prepares to bring generative AI to iPhones, Macs, and other devices by the end of 2024.

Apple iPhone IOS 18 update and generative AI

During a quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the generative AI software capabilities are in development at Apple and will be available to customers later this year. Company is going to launch Apple iPhone iOS 18 software update and generative AI features.

Generative AI in iPhone

Interestingly, Cook said I mentioned generative AI several times in it, but KI never mentioned it. They confirmed the details and said only that they are planning a major release in the fall. His mention of new AI features also aligns with recent reports suggesting the upcoming iOS 18 update will be the “biggest” software update in Apple’s operating system history. Bloomberg’s Mark Garman said in a recent report that Apple plans to include AI in a new iOS update, which will be an important update for iPhone users. And if Apple is preparing something for the fall event, the update will definitely make it to the new generation of iPhones since Apple announces a new iPhone series during the fall event every year. It will probably happen.

iPhone IOS 18 Update

Apple CEO has announced that company will soon launch IOS 18 software update for iPhones. He said that IOS 18 update will be powerful update in Apple’s operating system history.

Date of Launch iPhone Generative AI

However, Cook did not provide details about the company’s AI plans. He admitted that the company does indeed have something planned for users and is looking forward to launching it soon. “If you like, our MO. It’s always been to do the work and then talk about the work, not get ahead of ourselves. That’s why we’ll leave it as it is. But we’re incredibly excited. We’ve accomplished some things that we hope to talk about later this year.

So, let’s wait and see what big plans Apple has, since they usually stay tight-lipped until release date. However, rumors and speculation suggest that the company plans to integrate AI into its software platforms (iOS, iPad OS, macOS), similar to what Samsung, Microsoft, and Google are doing.

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