Critical understanding of ICT practical File – ICT project File for B.ed. PDF

Critical understanding of ICT practical File Download in PDF, ICT project File for B.Ed.-Download ICT Practical Project File from the link given below-Check all the details of Practical File of Computer below in this page – ICT Project practical file for B.Ed. KUK, MDU and other universities 


Many students are studying in B.ed in India. B.ed is a professional course to become a teacher. There are many subjects related to the education in B.ed class. ICT is also a major subject in this course. today’s time is time of computer. So we cannot neglect its importance in education also. ICT is also taught as a practical subject in b.ed.  In covid situation ICT was more helpful in the study. Everything was locked and School College were also locked. But ICT based study by various medium had helped the teacher and students during this pandemic. So we can say that ICT has an importance Role in education. Students studying in B.ed have to prepare ICT practical file for assessment in final exam.

Critical understanding of ICT practical File

Critical understanding of ICT practical File Download in PDF

If you are searching for ICT practical file, then your wait is over. You can download ICT practical file in pdf from here. Students can download it and can get idea about ICT practical. You can prepare your own practical file with the help of this file. Students have to prepare project file of subject Critical understanding of ICT. B.ed. students can download ICT file from this article.



Full Form of ICT is Information and communication Technology. It’s mean to send information by use of technology like internet, mobile, computer etc.

ICT in Education

ICT has an important role in education. In the pandemic situation of covid-19 it helped the teacher and students more. With the use of ICT teaching & learning may be effective. Teacher can taught things to the students more effectively. Students can learn things easily by use of ICT.

About B.ed

Full form B.ed is Bachelor in Education. This is a professional course.  The students who want to become teacher in future can pursue Bachelor degree in Education. In B.ed students can choose the subject according to their interest. They have to choose the subject according to their graduation degree. If the students have graduation in arts, then they will have to choose arts subject in B.ed and science students can choose science subjects.  After getting B.ed degree they can serve as a teacher and can get good salary.

The basic topics related to technology and computers are written in this practical file. From this file you will be able to write your own practical file. You can find various topics related to ICT.

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