The Pink Eraser Project Launched – Breast Cancer Vaccine

The Pink Eraser Project, which aims to expedite the development of life-saving breast cancer vaccinations by 25 years, was launched today by two well-known breast cancer survivors with the support of the country’s leading breast cancer specialists.

Pink Eraser Project

Award-winning journalist Kristen Dahlgren and renowned breast cancer advocate and lawyer Michele Young, the project’s founders, claim it will offer the focus, real-world assistance, cooperation, and finance that have been lacking to advance current science and technology and commercialize breast cancer vaccines.

Breast Cancer Vaccine

“Using the strength of our own immune systems, science has the potential to eradicate breast cancer. In early-stage trials, our safe and effective vaccinations have stopped recurrence in women,” stated Young. “We need to act now to make these vaccines available to all.”

Dahlgren said that our moms, friends, and little girls will forget breast cancer as a fatal disease. She said that we will fight and together we can get this done.

The pair enlisted specialists Sloan Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, Dana-Farber, from University of Washington’s Cancer Vaccine Institute and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Jenni Davis was diagnosed in 2018 with triple negative breast cancer – the most likely to reoccur – she’s the first person to receive a triple negative vaccine developed by the Cleveland Clinic. The vaccine has helped identify to Davis’s body cancer cells and destroy them.

Davis said that we need not worry now. Anyone can get the vaccine, and we’ll never have to worry about triple negative breast cancer again.

“After 30 years of working on cancer vaccines doctors have finally at a tipping point in our research. They have created vaccines that train the immune system to find and destroy breast cancer cells.

Interested people can donate in The Pink Eraser Project in ending breast cancer.

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